HI! Im Hayley, one of the many Ive discovered this semester. Im doing all electives this year, and Im studying Criminology at Murdoch. I have only ever really done drama studies in high school but have always been fascinated with the subject and hope to learn more and develop some skills. Im a terrible speller so please don't hold that against me!! :P


We started this week off with a exercise in movement and using space... sounds simple enough so we thought trying not to walk into each other proved interesting and my first thought was well hopefully my peripheral will in prove my driving skills . It was interesting to see the progress we made however, not only with our use of space but our acknowledgement of one another in that space with saying virtually nothing, this was shown when we were asked to stop all together without saying a word. It was rather rhythmic and everyone looked like they were in a trance.

I was a little scared about the second exercise, mostly of fear of being walked into a wall!! the trust thing was hard (Especially if your eyes are closed) but I guess thats the point to trust that when your working with someone that they are going to do their job, saying the correct line at the right time and that its the right one and it works both ways I was very aware when it was my turn to direct that my partner was putting all her trust in me, she was vulnerable, blind and completely unaware of where she was going, just as I had felt.

Trying so hard not to laugh when running head on towards a person and stopping just before you run into them is really hard, hell some in our tute had a hard time stopping at all which just made the laughter worse, but what I took from it was a combination of the first two exercises, first of all movement in a space and distance between actors on stage and the second trust, in the fact that we trust that the person running towards us wouldn't bowel us over.

It was a great start to the unit, Im looking forward to the rest of the semester.
ciao :)

Good work so far...it will be interesting to see how you transfer the theory into practive in the weeks to come.


This week we focused on the body and Voice based around Stanislavski’s system of acting starting with relaxation then moving onto vocal warm ups and finally we did a few readings of Kiss My Hands where we used my super-objective and beats to get there.

We started by stretching out our bodies I was really surprised with how relaxed I was so much so I wanted to yawn. We tried out the movement exercise from last week where we walked around in silence and stopped and started at the same time, we were a bit more successful this week with starting at the same time but there was an improvement with the stopping, I found it was a bit eerie, to be honest, to feel all that energy starting at the same moment. We tried a new movement exercise this week in which we were asked to stand in a crusted group and move as one again using our peripheries the outcome reminded me of a dance and the effect created if someone jumped or clapped created a waterfall effect.

Something I realized this week was the importance of breathing, during the vocal exercises. We first worked on projection standing near a wall and making and ahhhh sound and moved back slowly trying to keep the intensity up I could hear some harmonies starting which was pretty cool. We then went on to warm up our lips as well to help with articulation using “ee, ay, ah, or, oh, oo” I realized how important it was to articulate that by not articulating properly the word that’s written may sound completely different I noticed this when I was doing the tongue twisters.

Also this week we did a exercise to help us distinguish between actor the person and actor the character, each of us picking a prop and placing it on the ground walking around and calling it by a detailed name "red candle" and repeating this a few times. Then we did the same exercise but instead of calling the object by say "red candle" we would call it by its character "Giraffe".

Two readings of kiss my hands was done one before and one after watching the news report. In the first reading it almost seemed like a dark comedy like something out of Black Adder but after watching the news story I found it sobering to even think of it as a comedy, simply by drawing comparisons between the two for instance the beginning of the story where the women is apprehensive about opening the door and then she does and all hell breaks loose and the young women who begged her Father not to open the door and when he did he was murdered.

I learned some very helpful skills this week about using my body and my voice, which I can use in children’s theatre as well. I was never taught these techniques in high school drama but they would have been useful.

Well until next week……


This week we started with the Movement exercise from week one with one exception we experimented with speeds, to see if we could speed it up and slow it down as a group. I found the faster we walked the harder it was not to walk into anyone.

In the second exercise for this week we moved through our homes, saying phrases in each room. At first I was very aware that there were others in my “house” trying to ignore other peoples narratives was a bit distracting it's not that you should ignore them...but to allow them to exist along side your work...difficult but a great feeling when you have mastered it...in the beginning but I soon blocked it out, I did notice however that at some point we got into a rhythm and little narratives were happening between people’s “houses” for example, When someone said Dr Phil was on TV I was telling someone in my house to turn the TV down.

We went on to preform “Kiss my hands” as a group. In our group we decided to switch the genders of the mother and father although still having them play the roles as male and female, Serge suggested that you could change those rolls around and have the father in the mothers role with the terrorists taking the mother away. The only comedy in our class made the first terrorist humorous I felt this made him creepy and seemingly uncaring used of death and killing people.

This week is a bit short I know but I will add more later....hopefully
until then.....


We started this week with vocal warm ups again….. And guess what??? I still can’t do the tongue thing, but I’m working on it, soon I hope not to sound like a dying cat!! The vowels and the consentient exercise still confuses me I get all muddled (I really missed my cheat sheet this week!!).

The yes/no exercise, where two people could only say one of two words… yes you guessed it one could only say yes and one could only say no. It was really fun, I really enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing how everyone reacted. When it was my turn I had the word NO, I was trying to show that I was cheating on my partner and lying about it… the character I tried to portray was really bad at lying.

This week we got into our groups for hour group performances and as with majority of our class we decided to do…..wait for it….. THE BREAKFAST CLUB! SURPRISE. We decided that we wanted to extend our scene a little to let the fight between Bender and Claire reach its resolve, We felt that the script that was given online stopped as it was just getting heated we wanted to give it a chance. We did a couple of reads of the script and then thought we would like to see the context of the film so we Youtubed the scene just to give us an idea, we haven’t talked about the presentation style yet but I think we will mix it up a bit.

I would say until next week but its study break… so I will say until we meet again…..


some very good reflective work so far...I like how you are connecting the theory to the practice of acting.

Yes I know it’s the last week of the semester….. the journal completely slipped my mind…. Till now that’s is….. I’m sorry…. It will be finished off now though :)



We started this week with an exercise very similar to last week, one person asking questions and the other could only respond with yes, no, sorry and thank you. It was interesting to see if the person asking the questions could create a successful narrative with just their questions and the answers they were given. I commend those who did the activity it would not have been easy.

The next task challenged me a bit as a person. I like my personal space and I like to give others theirs to. First we lined up opposite to our partners, we were asked to work with someone we wouldn’t usually work with, and we were presented with greetings from other cultures and then the kissing exercise, now that really put me out of my comfort zone but if there is one thing I have learnt this semester is that you need to push yourself past the initial awkwardness of the situation and push yourself to your limits to better yourself as an actor. While this is not my major it is a good life lesson that I will remember. Good observations

Lastly we worked on our dialogues we are doing The Breakfast Club we want to do something different with it and we have a plan but that’s all I’m going to say about that for now…..


This week we were in our groups working on our dialogues and each group got time with Serge to work on the piece and share our ideas with him. I found this very useful with only a few weeks to go it was great to have a clear direction to work towards after the session.

We have decided to put The Breakfast Club in a mental institution.
It worked really well...


Still working on our dialogues this week, next week is the big week. Our group worked on getting our lines down, and continued our discussion on staging we may need to rearrange.


Dialogues were presented this week. I loved watching all the groups they all did so well. We did an 11th hour rehearsal on Monday working on our positioning on the stage and what Sarsi and I were going to do while Courtney and Jess were getting into it during the fight. We decided to walk slowly back to where we started from. We got a lot of weird looks when Courtney and Jess were fighting as Bender and Claire; I’m taking that as a positive sign. Ours all went well I didn’t forget any lines and the staging worked well. It was really interesting to see that out of all the Breakfast Clubs not one was presented the same; I thought that showed that everyone really thought about presentation.

WEEK 10- bReAk wEeK !!!

WEEK 11- pRoDuCtIoN eXaaaaammmmm!!!!!!!

WEEK 12-

We started this week with a reading of Jabberwocky. We were split into groups and read a part per group, as a collective we created a story around the piece. Well we created two stories’ one was a positive and one was negative, it was a great example of how a text can be intenerated different ways.

I Literally have bruises from this lesson. During this exercise we were given scenarios and had to perform these scenarios, for example climbing a never-ending staircase with tiny steps. After we had gone through these in repetition a few times we were left to go through them on our own. I was so absorbed in this exercise.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the Jabberwocky reading before we did the second exercise but I felt like I was in a wonderland sort of place because the scenarios were so surreal. Funnily enough when we were discussing it at the end of class I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

WEEK 13-

Monologues were the focus of this week in class. While we were waiting for our turn to see Serge we worked in pairs first reading each other’s monologues to each other. I found this very useful I picked some things out about the story of my character that I hadn’t picked out before; I think this is because I was too busy trying to learn the lines instead of absorbing them. The monologue I have chosen is Glass Eels I’m playing the part of Lily. Lily is telling Kenneth the story of her troubled childhood, in which she grew up in a morgue one night she come down and finds her mother on a slab. I got the feeling that perhaps her father murdered her mother and I think Lily has the same suspicion.

I signed up to have another session with Serge on Friday. I want to make sure Lily’s Story makes sense and I’m presenting it in a way that makes sense to an audience. I found this very helpful… even though I could barley see where I was going, I did eventually find my glasses but it took a couple of days :p.

WEEK 14- MoNoLoGuEs

We presented our Monologues today. I was happy with how mine went. I did notice that when the second presentation of Glass Eels was done, I dropped a line WHOOPS! But these things happen.

I really Loved watching some others my all time Favorite had to be Maree’s I was laughing so hard I was crying; I was also had tears in my eyes during Kristie’s as well but for a different reason it was so powerful and I could tell she was really connected to the character as well.

...a competent journal, that charts your progress through the unit...well done. At times, however, it read like an account of what we had done and not a reflection on how it impacted on you as an actor....but a good start.
Grade: C+