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Concluding the unit

Ok...you have clearly documented your participation in the unit...but at times I felt that you were documenting what we did...rather than reflecting on it...more referencing to work outside the unit would have been beneficial. Grade C

So, the monologues are finished, the lectures are over, and the unit has officially ended.
The monologue went spectacularly. I was so nervous to begin with, but as it went on I just settled into it and actually found myself enjoying the time on stage. I found that using the techniques of blocking and repetition really helped me in the actual performance as I found myself settling into the routine of the words, so that I knew what was going to come next.
Watching the other monologues was also brilliant. Everyone did a great job during the unit and I was quite sad for it to end.
Thanks to everyone for a great semester and I look forward to seeing some of you in the other units!

Week 12 & 13

Moving on from the dialogue performances, we received our grades back regarding the dialogue performances. I received a C+, which was a mark which I was fairly happy with. Reflecting back, using what I have learnt and watched during the past few classes has shown that I need to focus on the areas of projection and also of working with my character. After reading the comments from the assessment, and also watching the standards of the other assessments as I am working on my own monologue, it has shown me that I need to work more on putting my character together.

I feel that I need to focus more on working with the character itself and to work on knowing the character and my lines better so that I may focus on making the performance more natural. EXCELLENT OBSERVATION I find acting on stage extremely difficult, give me a musical instrument and I will happily perform, but acting, stepping 'outside of myself' to allow my body to become another so to speak, is a skill which I find difficult as I become extremely nervous. These nerves force me to concentrate on my lines, so that I will not forget them, as I tend to have mind blanks when in the spotlight. I sometime get the feeling, when performing, that this nervousness causes me to perform in an almost robotic fashion, every movement looks forced and seems as if I am trying too hard to be the character, instead of easing into it naturally.

The nervousness and the mind blanks are things which I, as an actor, need to work out with myself. I think that I need to focus more upon the fact that when on stage I am someone else entirely, I am not identified as myself, but rather as the role which I am playing.

During the week 12 workshop we worked on our monologues. I have chosen to perform the monologue of Violet Beauregarde, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I chose this monologue as I find it challenging to play characters who are closer to myself, as I feel that I am easily identifiable as 'Hailey playing this character' rather than the character itself. Unfortunately I had to leave te workshop early due to illness and so didn't have a chance to work one on one with Serge, but despite all of this I have enjoyed working on this monologue, however, and I am looking forward to performing it.

We also received our production exam results back, and with 100% all I can really say is, Hurrah!

Week 10 &11

So, production exam!
The last 2 weeks in which we concentrated on the production side of theatre work. Tim's lectures were great, the way in which they were presented made them fun and easy to follow. We learnt about the different types of lights, fresnels and profiles, and about the ways in which these lights can be used to create different effects such as washes and spotlighting. We also learnt how to supply power to each of these lights and how to set them up to run the desired affects via computerised cues.We also learnt about sound and the different microphones and how each microphone is suited to stage use.

The exam itself I found fairly easy so hopefully that is reflected in the grade which I got!

Week 9 - 17th April 2013
Dialogue performances! *screaming*
The dialogue performances went way better than I expected! I was quite surprised with both sarah and my own work, and with the quality that we ended up producing on the final day. With both of us being sick in the week leading up to the performance, rehearsal time was tight, however, we both worked hard at home so that we could pull it together.
you are falling into the trap of telling me what you did...instead of reflecting on how it affected you and what it meant to you as an actor...
In the piece, Amy's View, we focussed on the relationship between mother and daughter. While the piece could have been read in view of the daughter's secretive intention, we chose to focus on the strange relationship between the mother, Esme, and the daughter, Amy. We looked at the way in which Amy reacts to her mother's eccentric behaviour. With Esme having such a scatter brained personality, as shown by her indulgent taxi rides, we envisioned Amy as having to have grown up with this. This would have cause her to have become rather independent and almost wary of whether or not to trust her mother.

Esme and Amy's relationship is interesting in that it seems that Amy has become withdrawn in her forced responsbility and that Esme has responded by becoming judgemental over the choices Amy makes. She shows this judgement in the comment 'Well, you know him better than I' in the final scene, in which she is referring to Amy's boyfriend Dominic and to how he is another young man, yet to find his way in the world.

Hopefully our individual styles of acting and the way in which we presented our dialogues brought that across :)

OK ...competent work...that clearly reflects your participation in the unity. Well done.
Week 4, 6, 7 & 8 - 13 April 2013

So I haven't been very talkative the last few weeks due to illness (Sorry again Serge :( ) but I'll do my best to go through what I've caught up on.
The notes and information on Theatre of Cruelty was something which I found quite interesting. Artaud used Theatre of Cruelty to make the audience see things which they did not necessarily want to see. He wanted to use pain and suffering to evoke a subconscious reaction. He wanted to use pain to make his audience aware of how alive they were. I found his play 'The Spurt of Blood' quite confronting, with some parts feeling as if they didn't quite make sense.

I also found the video's regarding Postmodern Theatre to be very interesting. My favourites were Breath by Samuel Beckett and the one which addressed Peter Brook's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

We have also been busy working on our dialogues. We have chosen the one called 'Amy's Choice' , in which a girl asks to borrow money from her mother for an undisclosed reason. I have found this piece quite challenging in its nuances, in the small ways in which the underlying meanings are to be brought forward. I think it will be a challenge to myself as an actor to portray my character in the way in which it should be. I am, however, finding that the exercises which we did in the first few weeks are helping in terms of stage presence and building my perception and portrayal of my character. I am quite excited to see how the final product turns out.

Week 3 - 5 March 2013

This week we had a workshop about physical and vocal warm ups again. One of the exercises which we had to do was to map out our house on the floor of the drama workshop. This was a very interesting exercise as at first you were extremely aware of the fact that it was not your house. However, the further we got into the activity the easier it was to visualise the different rooms. It was an interesting exercise in method acting, in that we had to put ourselves into the situation which we were performing.

The other exercise, on the play 'Kiss my Hands' was substantially more difficult. We were required to place ourselves in a situation which we had never had any experience in. I found for myself that it was extremely difficult to act convincingly as the character I was portraying was entirely different to the person I am. I wasn't satisfied with the performance I put on and I am excited to work on this more in the term to come.

Good work so far...it's interesting to read how the training is impacting on you as an actor...it will be fascinating to see the theory put into practice in the weeks to come. serge
Week 2 - 26 February 2013

This week the workshop was about physical and vocal warm-up. The exercises were interesting as they were extremely similar to the ones which I have done before for singing and clarinet. The breathing exercises were focussing on relaxing the body and expanding the lungs. These came fairly easily to me as I have been doing them since I was 13. The voice projection exercises were a little more difficult for me as, despite having done a small amount of singing, I haven't been practising regularly enough to maintain breath control to continue with the projection. The exercise in which we had to project our voices to the walls and bounce the sound was an interesting eye opener to the actual amount of control required.

The exercises helped us to realise what was needed on stage, as there is nothing worse than a production executed but not heard. I think that everyone realised that we all have work to do in order to improve.

The second part of the workshop was spent on the text 'Kiss my Hands' by Howard Barker. This text was a confronting text as it dealt with issues that we do not face here in Australia. The first read through of the text was slightly dead, as people were getting used to their lines. The second read through, after the viewing of the news video in which almost the exact scenario was portrayed, was substantially more in touch with the play itself. This exercise focused on the Stanislavskian Method Acting, drawing us to be in touch with the characters and story in order to give a convincing performance.

That's all; until next week!

Week 1 - 18 February 2013

First week of term was amazing. This is the first proper drama unit I have done, with the exception of Intro to Drama, so it was all rather new and exciting for me. I transferred over from a law degree, so it's in quite the opposite field now.

This week's focus was on ensemble building and space and stage presence. After initial introductions we were put through a series of exercises designed to develop these skills and to give us an awareness of their application in theatre.

In the workshop we were told to walk around the floor, while filling the whole space with our bodies; leaving no empty spaces. This was a huge team effort, as there was no way any one of us could fill the whole space at all times. However, to make it even more interesting, we had to do it without talking. At first the efforts were a bit interesting, with people bumping into each other and large areas of floor space left empty. Interestingly enough, everyone migrated towards pacing the back wall and walking in a large oval shape over the floor. This, of course, left corners and the centre empty, which , of course, defeated the point of the exercise. After a while, however, we started to iron out the creases. Once people stopped looking around and trying to strategise and just went with it the entire group started to work as a team, keeping spaces filled at all times. As a participant it was interesting to feel the atmosphere go from being individualised into mutual trust, as every body began to work together. At the end of the exercise you could feel the entire group working as a team, with every one markedly more relaxed then they were at the beginning of the workshop.

The second exercise involved being partnered up and running at each other from across the room. This exercise built up in stages and was designed to build trust. It was also designed to make us more aware of the spaces and distances on stage, between people. This was demonstrated in the abrupt stopping which was needed when one person was running at the other. There were a few mishaps involving miscalculation of distance, as was to be expected, however, the end result was that pretty much every body felt more confident and trusting of each other.

The final exercise was the ultimate in trust and awareness. We were partnered up and had to take turns in leading our partners around, while they had their eyes closed. The leading side of things was not difficult. Keeping your eyes closed and trusting your safety to someone else, however, was. It is extremely difficult to close your eyes and put yourself in such a vulnerable position, however, the relief and minor disorientation upon opening your eyes and finding yourself safe but in an entirely different spot then you expected more then made up for the initial discomfort. Not only were you placing your trust in your partner, but you were also placing your trust in everyone else in the room who was leading someone. It was an interesting exercise which really 'opened our eyes' (pun intended...heh heh) to the feeling of trusting the other members of the group.

These exercises worked to make us aware of each other and of space, skills which are extremely important when performing on stage.

That's all for this week, until next time folks!