Week 1.

During both Serge and David's workshops, everyone was asked to walk around the room whilst trying to fill the space.... Why?
As everyone walked around, they also became increasingly aware of their surroundings, and where there was an unnecessarily large unoccupied space. During the running exercise in Serge's workshop, we tested our trust in our fellow peers. Some succeeded in trusting one another, while others.... pushed the boundaries a little too far. The exercise made us trust people that some of us had never met before, because if you can't trust someone in a little exercise, how could you trust them, and rely on them to remember their lines in a play?
In Moody's class, we also worked on the movement and sounds of our bodies as we made a machine using 5 people. Although our first machine was made with us being very reserved, we soon got comfortable enough to explore other ways to move and convey a sound, which saw a much larger, and more inspiring machine. Moody told us that if we can't be comfortable to make a fool of yourself in front of your colleagues, how do expect to do it out there. conveying an emotion on stage is what helps to draw the audience into the story, and if the actor isn't comfortable enough to get into scene 100%, then there are going to be problems.

Week 2.

Trust. As we led other members of our class not only around the workshop space, but also through an extent of the campus, We learnt to be able to trust one another. It also helped us build a communication with other members of the class, although there are still only 6 of us. through one of our homework exercises, people got a real in-depth look at the way in which other people in society present themselves. so much so that with the notes taken, some could have enough information about their person that they'd be able to re-enact every that they did with some high degree of accuracy.
We also worked on the the energy we use, and from what part of the body we use to project our words, and the differences we saw.

Week 3.

More class members!!!! We have just about double our class size this week. With the numbers we have now, it is starting to look like a real class size. David has us play musical chairs to the soundtrack of.... I think it was Chicago. Don't know exactly why we did this, but it did make us all comfortable in each others presence, both the old class, and the new kids that joined, so perhaps it was to help us bond as a class.
This week was all about Brechtian, and with this, all I could think of was his lack of a lot of naturalism techniques. With the theme of the week being Brecht, David had us slit into 2 groups, and perform an improvised Brechtian piece. Although our idea, seemed good, I know for certain we didn't the true concept of Brecht like the other group did, which in turn was also a fantastic piece of improv.
At the end of class, David had us pull out the cleaning utensils we were told to bring last week, and had us mimick cleaning the floor. With this literal action, it had quite a deep and metaphorical reasoning behind, and it taught us of the respect we must have for the theatre. The theatre is a magic space, where whatever we think of, can happen if we believe, and if we care for it as it cares for our imagination.
And with more kids in the class, we can now set our sights on what dialogue pieces we want to work on. I have been grouped with Laurie, Cat, and Claire, and are performing the scene from "The Breakfast Club".


Week 4.

Developing an entire character. From eating habits, to little a quirk that makes each person individual. Thinking of every point of Stanislavski's characterization Completing the work that David set us over the week. We were to study one person. Each and every aspect of what made them, from the way they sat to how fiddled with their hair. Not only did we then represent each of our studied characters, but we also experimented with the walk of a person. A walk can tell a lot about a person, and we worked out that everyone could be characterized by something as simple as a walk.

Week 6.

After our study week break, for our tutorial David took our class to the zoo. He told us to find an animal that we think could represent our characters for the group performance. Although I had an animal in mind already, it wasn't until I saw it that I was sure. Playing Bender, a guy who acts cool on the outside, but is really quite emotional inside. I find that his character doesn't care much for what happens around him, but when attempts to open up, and communicate with him on an emotional level, he puts his defenses up and lashes out. Watching the Cheetah, and how it lounged and around the enclosure, really made me think of the laid back nature it had when it wasn't threatened. But once it was either on the hunt or attacked (like many YouTube videos I watched on it), the claws come out. This felt like the right animal to link with Bender.

Week 7.

This week involved a lot of work to help us develop our characters for the group performance that was due in 2 weeks. Warm up had us doing mirror exercises, where one led, and someone mirrored it in front of that person. The whole point of the exercise was focus, and that with enough focus, no one would be copying anyone, and that we would be moving together, First exercise was about a slow transformation into our chosen animal,The main exercise that we worked on involved us making small movements and vocals variations based on the animals that we chose when we went to the zoo. As we progressed down the room, we began at 100% animal, seeing how that affected our lines that we spoke, and as we went down the room, we slowly bought in human characteristics until we were at 80% human, but still retaining that slight inkling of animal instinct. I have to be honest and say I struggled with this exercise, and I can't quite put my finger on why exactly. I know my character, I know the animal, and I know how I want my character be portrayed with the Cheetah like aspects, but I couldn't seem to make it gel with this exercise.

Week 8.

This week was all about our final preparations as a group before our dialogues were performed next week. The group I'm in are really comfortable with our lines, and the length that we have to take script to, in order to get the performance across. After practicing in the main area for awhile, with a couple of stops every now and then for laughter at how serious, and how quickly the scene escalates, we went into the theatre to perform in front of David. Although he loved it, and all our subtle things that we do in between, he says that I must pick it up even more. This is a key scene for Bender, and David is right,as one of the problems I've had is emotional continuity, I really need to let loose, and really get angry... Grrrrrr, will practice that.

Week 9.

Group Performance Week! Although having a minor hiccups at the start of class with Laurie having a bit of panic, she gained composure swiftly, and we had our performance. I really love the progress that our group made over the week that we've been rehearsing. No lines, were dropped, and there was no laughing on stage throughout anyone's lines, which is definitely one thing we were worrying about. I'm happy with the performance I put up, although I failed to really pick up the intensity in the scene as much as David was talking about, I picked up a bit, and also kept an emotional continuity throughout the piece. My peers Claire, Laurie and Cat all did superb performances, and I don't think any of us will be too upset with the grade that we get.

Week 11.

Production Exam Day!! Meeting in the Nexus Theatre, I had picked up Lizzy just so that we could study and test each other on the notes we wrote about Tim's Lectures while driving down to uni... I don't think I'll ever forget about RCA and XLR cables again thank you Tim!! Put me in a study room and I could remember a page. Put that test in front of me... Consider that page of notes was never there. My mind goes completely blank when I am sat down for exams, so when Tim kept renaming it a 'test', and 'pop quiz', it definitely calmed me down a lot. When it came down to the writing, although I missed 2 parts from a blank memory, I filled out the rest, and was early to leave, happy that I actually retained something. I think I did, well certainly good enough for 70%.... I think, but I guess we'll see.

Week 12.

This week we started in - class work for our monologues. The monologue that I chose was Some Girls, By Neil LaBute. We first stood at the front of the class to read out our script.... whilst the rest of the class screamed at us. This was to not only test how well we knew the lines, but how people must concentrate, to block out everything else except the performance. You can never know who is sitting in the audience, and what they may do, so if one is focused, prepared for any distraction, it will be a fluid piece no matter what happens. We then paired off and gave constructive criticism on the others performance, Cat asked if I knew a Scouse accent, to which I showed her a clip of scouse accents, which certainly helped bring her performance a load of more depth. Cat also helped me focus on the beats in the monologue, that each emotion must be explored throughout the play, and that it should show through how the words are said.

Week 13.

This week was basically the dress rehearsal to our performances next week. We got the running list set up, and each one of us got some one on one time with David, giving us key tips to get the most out of the performance. David agreed with what I had to say before I performed. I believed I already had the characterization, and semi - knew what I was doing in terms of emotion in the lines, and was just a matter of committing the lines to memory. Once again, David's no. 1 bit advice was to pick it up, to hit another gear emotionally.

I had loads of fun this semester in AP1, I'm going to miss it, but also can't wait for next semesters AP2!