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Week 1 - Courtney Howard

The workshop today was lost more than I thought it would be for the first workshop. I really like how we took no time to get into the kick of the class. One thing I noticed about the activity we did today was that it broke the ice for the different backgrounds and people in the class. We all started just looking at each other like *BLAH* & then during the activities of screaming and blind leading, where we had to trust one another, the students of the class seemed to feel more comfortable around one another. I really loved the positive energy after we did the leading of the blind. The exercises of us filling in the space around us, stopping together from the feel of each other, and running while screaming and stopping right at the person all helped to BREAK THE SHYNESS. It was an awesome way of interactively demonstrating how TRUST is such a strong component when it comes to acting and sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Being that we all come from different backgrounds, have different accents, skin colors, & feelings, we all have a common interest which is Acting and Production. Even though I won't get much of GLEE in this class, I know I am going to LOVE IT!!! :) I cant wait for the next workshop! :)

Week 2 - Courtney Howard

This class made me even more excited for the classes to come. The vocal, nose, and jaw exercises were really great, it helped me to open my mouth to clearly say my words instead of speaking lazy jawed, as we Americans tend to do. :) It also helped me to project my voice without straining. This brings me to the great exercise of starting at the wall and pulling back while properly projecting our voice so that it resonates back to us. Such a beautiful exercise.

Another exercise I found pretty interesting was the one where we had to use our peripheral vision and follow the movements of the person leading the front. I really liked how the group ended up splitting into two different directions because according to some people's peripherals, what they saw in front of them was different from what the other group saw as the front. Even after the group had broken up, both sides continued to move in sync with the leader they were following. It related a lot to the exercise of us filling in space, stopping and starting to walk as a group.

The Last exercise with the props was very unexpected. When we were told to grab a prop, I thought we were about to act out our favorite scene with the prop or something, but exercise we did was even better than that. It helped us to use our imagination and first talk at the prop. I say talk at the prop because when we were told to point at it, I automatically began to talk at the prop. Eventually after going around about 3 times to the props, I started to think about how to talk at the prop, it was kind of like trying to figure out the character of a piece before finishing the read-through to determine what the role of the character is. This overflowed to when we were told to say something to the prop. There were some props I could not name, but for the ones that I was able to name and say something I imagined it being exactly what I said it was. From there my imagination was able to broaden because I was able to speak to the Candle as if it was Lipstick, or the Toy Horse as if it was my left or right shoe. At one moment, from the way I was talking to the object, I started to deeply think it was lipstick and a left or right shoe.

I really like how we are able to do interactively fun stuff in this class and relate it to acting and its exercises and methods.

A good begging to the journal...not absolutely sure who you are, but I suspect Courtney?
Try now to relate what we do in training to what happens to you on stage...what use are the exercises for an actor. serge

Week 3 - Courtney Howard [Absent :( ]

Had a Ben Franklin Club Meeting at the US General Consulate House.

Week 4 - Courtney Howard

*Lol i guess it took 3 weeks for me to realize I've been doing this wrong. Hahahaha! Check out the bright side, they're all together now! :) Now let me try and do these things correctly. :)*

This week of workshop helped me to understand the importance of being able to deliver "the message" as an actor, both verbally and non-verbally. The Yes and No excercise was so powerful in relation to persuade someone by only saying YES or NO, especially when the answers were given upon action instead of words being spoken from the mouth. Many of the groups were so great at communicating with each other, I was nervous and "acting invisible" everytime people were asked to volunteer, but when it was finally my time to volunteer, I jumped into this stage of thinking about if I were really in this situation and I went from smiling to letting my feelings get involved which made me stop smiling & non-verbally confess my guiltiness of cheating. I was really impressed with the way that I was able to build a connection of the situation with my partner and also vice versa with the way he was with me.

Now to the part about our group dialogues. I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT MY GROUP!!! :) We added a little more to our scene from the movie so that we can blow the full emotion of the scene to the audience. This will be a great reflection of the Stanislavki system and how he uses emotional memory to make performances of reality. My character in particularly uses this system the most. He pretends to care less about what people say about him, but after a build-up of anger he shows that he cares, because he remembers everything that was said, using it as he expresses his anger!!! ooooooI cant wait! This is also going to be realllyyyy interesting for me because I usually dont get angry or curse much...but HELLLOOOOOOO TO THE 4TH WALL....we're going to pull this one off together!! :) Being that I will be referring to the Stanislavki system, I will fast forward to a time where I will get EXTREMELY ANGRY and tell someone about how much I hate the way I allow them to treat me *this is going to happen in real life one day* excuse will be the 4TH WALL...but during the Acting of our dialogue I will use that situation to be the PERSON whose character changes in order to ACCURATELY ACT as the CHARACTER that I will be of "THE BREAKFAST CLUB - extended edition".

P.S. Notice I didnt say who my Character is. ;)

Still very good work...but I need to read more. Your active participation in class is always appreciated.

Week 5 - Courtney Howard

Study Break! :)

Week 6 - Courtney Howard

This week’s exercise was one of my favorites! It was really interesting watching to see how each pair was able to create a narrative with only one person saying yes, no, sorry, or thank you. The way some people were able to really take these four words and make them into a narrative that I was able to follow, was really great!!! We also performed an exercise where we were paired and exercised the greetings of “The Kissing Cultures”. It was kind of slim to me, being that we don’t greet that way in America, but in the meantime, it was interesting to learn about the other cultures and how if you happen to kiss the opposite way, it could mean something unpleasant like you have an issue with that person. I was glad to do this exercise because like this class, it was able to pull me out of my comfort zone. I was actually paired with ummmmmm I forgot her name, lol, but she’s the nice girl with the dark hair and she is from …I forgot where she’s from too, but I think you know who I’m talking about since its not many of us in the class who aren’t Australian. But while we were performing the exercise, I could tell that neither of us had been introduced to this before. I could tell on her behalf because of the way she hesitated the first two times and just held my hands & looked at me lol. But eventually by the last go round, we opened up and realized that we were both new to this. It was pretty funny actually, I love her tho, she’s so sweet. :)

Week 7 - Courtney Howard

Dialogues Dialogues Dialogues!!! :) This week we all got together as a group to breakdown our dialogues, from beats, staging, the mood, and gestures. We also had time to meet with Serge and let him know some of our ideas of how we plan to present our piece. During this session, we got some great ideas that would help the audience know who we were and where we were! We told Serge we wanted The Breakfast Club to be in a mental institution instead of a detention of Saturday School. His direction was to start the play with background laughter. We took this idea and incorporated it with our owns & decided to start the production with laughter, but as Bender (played by me) got seriously angry with Claire, the laughing would stop since the tension was built and after the tension, things kinda got suddle between everyone but me, I would just be careless as I had been before. I really liked the way we were all able to produce our ideas the way we did! :)

Week 8 - Courtney Howard

This was another week of us working our dialogues. This was the actual week that our entire group was able to get together. It was sooooo funny because I kept getting two of my paragraphs mixed up & most of my lines were actually small paragraphs were as everyone else had like small lines. Even though one of my group members were probably frustrated with me mixing my two paragraphs, we came up with the solution of me remembering a main word, EAR RINGS! I am reallllllyyyy confident that we will be able to pull off our direction of our piece. We were also able to make final decisions on staging and how we would be placed on stage. It was a lot of rearranging because we were trying to make sure no one had to travel from one side back to the other between such short lines. I cant wait to perform this piece, especially with the character I have. Being that its not my personality at all, I just want to see how I will pull it off….i guess that is acting right?! :) #ExcitedToBeAngry lol

Week 9 - Courtney Howard

UHH OHH!!! The week of the Dialogues!!!! To start the week off, we decided we needed another rehearsal and since we had class Monday, we went on the yard area past Bush Court to run through our dialogue. Our rehearsals went very well, with the walking audience wondering what in the world we were doing…especially the part where Clair (Jessica) had to jump on Bender (Me). During this rehearsal we also switched and decided the final staging of where everyone would be and how we would end up in the places we started before the dialogue ended.

As for the dialogues…I think EVERYONE DID GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! My group did pretty well too! I know they were glad I didn’t get my paragraphs mixed up! Lol I was pretty glad too! The greatest thing I liked about our performance was that it wasn’t like the presentation of “the other Breakfast Clubs”, not knocking the other ones because they did really good, but I just like the way we were able to creatively change “The Breakfast Club” to fit our ideas and the way we wanted to present it.

Oh last thing! Crazy & GREAT!!!!! Soooo remember how I said I was getting my lines mixed up and we decided “EAR RINGS” to be my word to remember of which paragraph went first. Well yeah, there was a part where I sarcastically talked about Claire’s (Jessica) erring by saying, “Nice earrings Clair…”. The day of our performance Jessica forgot her diamond earrings and had on hoops & righhhttt before we were about to panic Hayley saved the day with a brilliant idea!!! Since I was suppose to be sarcastic & really not like Claire’s earrings, and we didn’t have any back up earrings, she came up with the idea of Jessica not wearing any earrings!! ) So this really made me look crazy..since I was & our dialogues still flowed smoothly! :)

I did not notice...but well handled...

Week 10 - Courtney Howard

Study Break! :)

Week 11 – Courtney Howard

This was the week of our production exams. Before the exam, we got a chance to go into the theatre with Tim to put what he had been lecturing to us about lighting into work. It was really interesting! If I was staying for another semester, I wouldn’t mind apply for a position to hang & rig the lights!! J The exam was pretty smooth after I realized that I should take it sitting backwards lol.

Week 12 – Courtney Howard

Wait. It cant be Week 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means I only have 2 more week to be with this WONDERFUL GROUP OF TALENT…NOT TO MENTION, 2 OF THE MOST AMZING & DOWN TO EARTH LECTURERS!!!! IM REALLY GOING TO MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!

Okay….now about this week’s workshop. I honestly think this week’s workshop was something like a fairy tale of imagination! It all started with the Jabberwocky play & how we were split into the different groups and separated by stanzas to read the play. The first time we read through it naturally and it was very interesting to see how each individual in my group was able to flow from each other. By the time we all were put together in a diamond and separated from our groups, it was really cool to see how we were all able to stick with the flow of our groups from the feel we got from doing it all together. The part where we all read the entire play together was pretty interesting too, because not only did we have to recite the play and our parts, but we had to recite the parts of everyone’s stanzas. This entire exercise made me think about how reading a script that no one has ever seen in action before can be predicted in many different ways. Especially when, (I forgot her name, but she has kinda orange hair and she is tall) but when she was describing what she thought the scene was like, it was soooo funny to me, because no matter how many vicious words were in the play, she still imagined it to be like a nice day and all the other stuff she explained. I really like this class and I am going to miss EVERYTHING about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 13 – Courtney Howard

Well Well Well….about these Monologues. Statistics is taking a toll on me, like my lecturer is literally trying to kill us!!!! But anyway, I’ve finally narrowed my choices down, I’ve decided that I will do Bus Stop by William Inge Starring Marilyn Monroe. A lot of people back home idolize her, but sad to say, I don’t know much about her myself. After meeting with Serge to go over my idea over my monologue, Time suggested I watch the movie, I didn’t even know it was a movie, but after class I found it and watched it and I was able to get a better insight of my character, the movie was pretty good btw.

I decided that I would be at the Bus Stop waiting for the snow to pass, and telling someone about how I ended up where we were stuck anyway. I also signed up for another meeting on Monday with Serge so that I could make sure I would be able to NAIL my performance!! If I can get over statistics for a minute, I’m sure I can do pretty well! :()

Week 14 – Courtney Howard

Its OUR LAST WEEK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

No one knows it, but this class is ALWAYS my moment of relief!!!!! Statistics kicks my BUTTTTT all week….& then I have to wait until the next Wednesday to get my drug…Acting & Production!! J I’VE ACTUALLY GROWN A LOVE FOR IT SINCE I’VE BEEN HERE! J

On the down side. I had my meeting with Serge Monday to go over my part…& thanks to Stats, I really wasn’t confident at alllll with my lines. It was terrible and very embarrassing! On the bright side of this Monday Meeting, I was able to get some good directions from Serge to help me with my play. We decided that I’d start be smoking a cigarette at the bus stop and end starting from where I started (smoking another cigarette). Kristie also shared this session with me..oMG SHE WAS AMAZING!!! & IT WAS ONLY A REHEARSAL…Her piece was sooo emotional and attention catching, I couldn’t even blink my eyes! It was AMAZING!!

Okay so now lets talk about Tuesday’s Monologue Presentations & my horrible performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really the it had to end the way it did, without me being confident with my lines! I don’t even want to talk about how embarrassed I was, I’d just like to talk about everyone else’s performances and how GREAT THEY WERE!!! J My favorite was the one who’s husband never cleaned the house and all he did was watch TV & footy games!! That was soooooo funny & she played the role sooooo well! The one that STOLE MY EXCITEMENT was the one where (I cant remember her name) played the witch & she presented to the play in her language!!! It was absolute STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! I was able to follow her monologue & I didn’t even want to lok at the paper because she was presenting it so well!!!!, I read through her monologue after she finished & I really believe she presented even better than it was written on the paper. iT WAS JUST MARVELOUS!! I REALLY LOVED IT!!! J & Kristie of course….She stole my heart!!!!!! I really loved how she got deep into the emotions of her character. Honestly…I wanted to cry…it was like…I COULD SEE HER KIDS BEING DROP & HER WORLD SHATTERING BEFORE HER..JUST BECAUSE SHE WOULDN’T MARRY THAT MAN! Whew!!! THAT WAS JUST…….SO GREAT IT LEFT ME SPEECHLESS! I actually had to stand up and clap for her…that’s just how much I felt it! Lol….the funniest part tho was the looks I got from the people sitting around me like “why is she standing up”…lol that’s when I noticed “oh, im standing up” & sat down.

You stand deserved it...

A competent journal...that charts your role in the unit - it was a pleasure each wishes for your future...
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