introductionHi I'm Claire and I'm studying Secondary Education and English and Creative Writing. I haven't done a lot of acting work at all. but I have always been interested in working on and around the stage. i have always been interested in the sound and lighting aspects of stage production as well as being on stage. I have, until recently, worked a lot on the stage for musical purposes mainly.
This weeks tutorial was a good way, I felt, to help us feel more comfortable with each other. by carrying out the blind exercises, this helped gained trust between fellow students and in our own senses. The other exercise "filling the space" also helped, me specifically, to start to become more aware of the space around me. All of this I still need to work on over the course of the unit and in futureI am looking forward to learning more useful information that will help me in future stage productions and future drama teaching

Week 2 StanislavskiNaturalism and Stanislavski were major parts of drama and theatre studies in the 20th century. A lot of drama (theatre and movie) actors today still use techniques created by Stanislavski and his naturalism. Method acting, one of his greatest established concept is still used by many actors all around the world. I also found the fourth wall concept really quite interesting. It was interested to see that a drama performance, with the use of naturalism techniques can make a performance seem like the audience is observing an experiment.
This week we focused a lot on vocal warm ups and voice exercises. I found these quite helpful. One specifically, was saying the vowels against the wall and moving away. This helps in projection, something that I have known for a while I need to work on. I felt that all of these voice exercises will help me greatly in my performing.

Week 3 Brechtian
This week was based on the works and techniques developed by Bertol Brecht and his "Epic Theatre". I was luck enough to have studied his work in high school, so I was somewhat familiar of the concepts and ideas he used. The main concept that I learnt from this week was that Brecht disregarded a lot of the Naturalism techniques.
As I and others changed into another tutorial group, we began by introducing ourselves and walking in the space, greeting each other with our new group. This, like weekend one helped us become comfortable with our new group and the group, comfortable with us.
The exercise that I enjoyed the most was the group Brechtian improvisation. My particular group created an airport scene where one character was searched based on the way he looked. In this scene we were supposed to incorporate Brechtian techniques into it. With our particular scene we made one person more than one character, and narration of the characters thoughts. These are all a part of Brecht's Epic Theatre.
In my past experience in drama, I studied the performance of "The Caucasian Chalk Circle". This is a personal favourite of mine. I have found a small clip of the end of this performance on YouTube

Week 4 Artaud
This week focused on Artaud and the theatre of cruelty. After the lecture I had reached a conclusion that is was indeed a strange form of theatre... But I definitely want to learn more about it. The techniques he used worked so well to create a painfully honest performance and therefore achieving the emotions he wanted audience to feel. I found Artaud's type of theatre really interesting to watch ( even though sometimes it was hard to watch).This week in the we focused a lot on our character development. After warm ups we were asked to walk around the space and act accordingly when told to think of a particular object or animal. This helped with realising that everything can be characterised in a walk, even objects. We then shared our character studies and did the same exercise only with our particular character and their mannerisms and motives. Finally we got into our groups and discussed our dialogues that are coming up

Week 6 -ap1
I was unable to attend the zoo excursion, however looking at my character in relation to an animal I suppose would have to be a Lion. The character I am playing is Andrew from "The Breakfast Club". He is seen as a part of the popular clique of the school. However, as I have seen the movie multiple time due to it being a personal favourite, he is seen as quite insecure in himself, needing confirmation from the rest of his group. I can see this in reflection to a lion's pride. Where the males needing reassurance from the rest of the pride, or more importantly, the leader. This is why I can see myself reflecting back on that notion of being part of a pride when performing this character.

Week7This week did a lot of work for our particular characters. We firstly completed a series of mirroring activities for warm up. We then were to become our animal we had connected our character to. This at first felt a little awkward but after I while I became a lot more comfortable with it. I felt that the exercise where we cut down the animal to human ratio while saying one of our lines worked really well with me. To include that little bit of animal instinct into our characters helped me find where to include accents into my voice, also body language and a way of standing, or in my case sitting.
We then carried on to working in our groups for our dialogues. We have decided to make my character a female version of "Andrew". As he is seen as a popular sporty student, we thought the equivalent in a stereotypical American high school would be a cheerleader. As this films main theme is the differing stereotypes, we felt this would fit.


Week 8
This week was all about polishing our dialogues, making sure they all ran smoothly and as amazing as we could get them. I feel as our performance of "The Breakfast Club" is ready for performance. My group work extremely well with each other so this obviously helps a lot. After a few laughing fits and rehearsals we were given a chance to work with David privately to see it he could give us any advice for our performance. One thing I need to work on is my projection still. I am working extremely hard on this to get myself to speak and perform louder. Hopefully I will be better at it for performance day !

Dialogue day! What can I say? So many great performances by all. It was such a pity I couldn't make it to the other classes, I heard they were amazing as well. I felt that our group; Cat, Gab, Laurie and myself did really well. Despite the nerves we all got through it smoothly. No one forgot their lines, which is always a bonus, and their were no laughing fits on stage, which is something we were afraid of. All of my group did extremely well, and I expected nothing less from a group of such talented people. One thing I was quite happy with was my projection. I felt as though this semester I have definitely made a breakthrough in my vocal work. This is something, since high school I have been trying to work on.

Study brea

Week 11
This week focused on the lighting aspect of production. I found this workshop quite interesting, as I have always wanted to learn more about lighting ever since being in high school and completing a small workshop on it. One thing that I never realised was how many different shapes you are able to make with just one light and the effect it can make on the whole dynamic of the show. This was from just the washes vs the spotlight to making differing shapes to section off or highlight trickier bit of stage or set. The process of installing, plotting and focusing I also found enjoyable. I feel that the whole process of lighting a stage complex yet so interesting. I definitely want to learn more on light operating.
Next was the dreaded tech test. Afterwards I realised there was nothing to fear but, hey, heinsight is a beautiful thing. I feel that it went okay but I don't want to jinx myself. So we shall see...

Week12/13 For these two weeks I have been on my school practical for my drama minor. I have been trying extremely hard to fit in monologue time, so we shall see how we go :-/

Today was monologue day. The day I have been worried about for a while. I was a bit nervous about it as I hadn't had the chance to workshop my monologue. Everyone was exceptional. There were some brilliant monologues today. There was a good mixture of humorous and serious but still entertaining. I especially liked Tim's "Tupperware man" monologue

I felt mine went pretty well. I think with a little more practice and it would of been at a better standard.

I'm definitely going to miss the ap1 classes. I had so much fun and met some really awesome people that I wish to keep in contact with. I feel that this unit has helped me in making my acting techniques better