Carolyn Rebeiro

Hi everyone :)
My name is Carolyn. I am in my 3rd year of uni, second year at Murdoch, I started my bachelor of journalism at James Cook University in Queensland. I have always been a performer (dancing, modeling, singing, gymnastics), but I only started theatre performance last year. My brother bought me a 2day acting course for christmas last year, it was amazing and I really enjoyed it. After doing the course I decided to enrol in drama and theatre at uni! And consequently, here I am doing drama as my minor.

Week 1

I'm writting this a tad late so sorry if I get my weeks mixed up! Carolyn!!!
I was slightly aprehensive about the first class because I hadn't done any acting work since last semester. I'm quite a shy person when I'm around people I don't know and it usually takes me a little while to become comfortable. But! I found the first class really fun! I didn't feel uncomfortable at all when we did the exercises. I remember Serge saying how we were such a good group and that we all worked well together - and I really felt that! Especially in the exercise where we all had to walk around and then try and stop at the same time, it was like I could sense when to stop! It was a cool energy buzz. The exercise where we had to run up to our partner screaming was also really fun. As a shy person, I had to build up my courage a bit and just try and forget my shyness and just go with it, and i'm glad I did because it was funny. I left the first class happy that I was doing drama and excited for the rest of the semester :)

Week 2

I think my car died this week! From the other wikis I have read, I missed out on the vocal warm ups which is annoying because it sounds like it was a challenging but beneficial exercise.

Week 3

The "Kiss My Hand" activity that we did this week was challenging for me. I only had one line (which for anyone else would be easy) but I found it hard to engage with the character I was playing and I didn't really understand why I was saying what I was saying. And as a writer, I have a bad habit of over analysing what I'm reading. Mixed with a lack of confidence made my lines sound quiet and boring when as a soldier, they should have been powerful. I felt bad for letting my group down and honestly wanted to run away and never come back to drama after that... haha thin skinned!

Week 4 & 6

Don't remember these weeks at all.

Week 7

Because I had been sick for the past weeks, I was worried about coming to class and not having a clue what was going on. But luckily I met Simon who didn't really have a dialogue either (well he did but he only had a small part) and so we had a look through the scripts on the wiki and decided on Closer. Which was kind of fun because I had done a scene from Closer during my acting course last year, but it was a role revearsal exercise and I played Dan. I think I was more comfortable doing the acting workshop because everyone there was a beginner, whereas in class, there are some amazing actors who have been acting for years.
Anyway, I was happy that we chose Closer and looked forward to performing it.

Week 8

For this week Simon was sick (I think) and because we were meant to be rehearsing our dialogues in class, I just decided to stay home and practice instead. I actually find it quite easy to learn lines quickly but then when it comes time to performing nerves take over and all the lines I focused on improving, I just end up forgetting.

The beginnings of a potentially reflect journal...but you seem to be distant from it...hope you are OK...? Grade: P