Week One.

I didn't know about most of the theatre visionaries. This both surprised and disappointed me.

Filling the space; being spacially aware has always been a bit of a problem for me. The group movement in the activity and the overlying connection with your peers is a strange sort of bond. I couldn't tell you the names of half the people circling around the room that day but I can tell you that I could act like a compete dork in front of them (and have) and be fine about it. ............ (will be continued when I'm not falling asleep)

OK looking forward to seeing you act...I don't know half the people also!!

Ok So I got a bit behind on this in the first few weeks and then unexpectedly had to move house and now only have internet at uni until the end of this week. So less a week by week journal and more a run down of the whole semester so far. Bits and pieces coming up in during the week and a whole mess of words on the weekend.

Have I missed something?